Squaw Valley to Open Granite Chief Chair Tomorrow After 68″ of Fresh Snow

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granite chief chair
Granite Chief Chair today. photo: squaw valley

Squaw Valley got 68″ of new snow out of last week’s storm.  The upper mountain is extremely filled in.

Tomorrow, Squaw will open the Granite Chief chair and possibly even Granite Chief Peak.  Granite is the highest zone at Squaw and will be holding the best snow and hasn’t been open yet this year.

Tahoe has gone through an amazing transformation in the past week.  We just wish we could see what it looks like from an aerial perspective.  Oh, wait, we can:  Aerial Footage of Squaw’s 68″ of New Snow.

Who’s excited for MORE fresh turns?! Granite Chief + Big Blue are on the schedule tomorrow!! – Squaw Valley

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7 thoughts on “Squaw Valley to Open Granite Chief Chair Tomorrow After 68″ of Fresh Snow

  1. All the heroes have split town. We’ve all gotten tired of waiting around for the season to start in Tahoe. It’s going off everywhere else!

  2. Miles, truth be told, probably KT on Sunday, weather permitting.

    New official line from SV employees when asked “when is,,,,,going to open?? Tomorrow, like I said yesterday, Tomorrow”.

    1. Squaw just announced that they’ll open Headwall and KT on Saturday. We’ll write a post tonight. thanks.

    1. GC Peak skied really well. Where were all the Squally heros today??
      Also nat’l chute was wind butter after the hike in 50mph+ winds, fun. thx patrol for that.

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