Squaw Valley Conditions Report: Big Powder / Small Backflips

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Squaw and Alpine have been on fire for the past week.  We’ve had nothing but quality powder skiing since last Friday.  Squaw has gotten 32″ of snow in the past 7 days.

Looking legit up on Granite Chief today.
Looking legit up on Granite Chief today.

Yesterday was a full-on powder day with 7″ of new snow at Squaw and Granite Chief had been closed the previous day.  Granite was pillowy, poppy, fluffy, deep, and fun all yesterday morning.  Once satisfied with the Granite goodness we headed over to Siberia and skied Reverse Traverse Hogs Back laps with free wind-blown refills until we couldn’t take it anymore.

Tram Face at Squaw today.
Tram Face at Squaw today.

Today we cleaned up the leftovers on Granite in the morning and threw backflips off the “Fat Lip” jump until Max did a 1.25 flip and hit hard.  He’s 20, so he’ll be fine.

The new snow has filled the mountain in a lot since last week.  Red Dog and the Mountain Run are all set to open right now.  Squaw is holding them until the weekend.

Tomorrow is looking like it’ll be bluebird and we’re all gunning for Mainline Pocket and the Palisades.  Granite Chief Peak is still likely a bit to bouldery in the runout and on the skiers left side of the zone to be open just yet.

This weekend we should see a lot more opening at Squaw including a possible Headwall zone opening.  The chair might not open, but we’re hoping they’ll open the zone so we can hit if from Siberia.

Squaw Snow Totals:

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 10.15.31 PM

Squaw Forecast:

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 10.14.48 PM

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