National Park Service Recommends Avoiding the ‘Bitey End’ of Cute and Fluffy Squirrels

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Yikes. not so cute and fluffy! Credit: Blumhouse

Most squirrel bites originate at the front, or “bitey end,” of the squirrel. Keep reading for more squirrel facts.⁣

🐿 Squirrels can be cute and fluffy, therefore, people like to have them get close, but that cuteness fades away rapidly after a quick bite to the hand. (Also true for humans.)⁣

🐿 Squirrel bites are one of the most common injuries at parks. True story.⁣

🐿 Feeding human food to any wildlife is bad for them and makes them fearless and potentially aggressive. (Too much sugar?)⁣

🐿 When people offer or drop more food (and water), squirrels start to realize that humans are “the source.” As we became the place that food and water came from, squirrels can get all too comfortable getting close and pushing boundaries. When did you last see your backpack? ⁣

🐿 Squirrels may not know better, but YOU do. Although it may feel flattering (well, aren’t you the animal whisperer) if any wildlife approaches you, back away and maintain that safe distance. It’s your responsibility and your safety—help us keep wildlife wild.⁣

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A ground squirrel stands over a little puddle of water, with red cliffs and canyon walls in the background at Grand Canyon National Park. Credit: NPS / B. Oates⁣

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