5,500 People Join Organized Rally to “Stop the COVID Chaos” in Colorado

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stop the COVID chaos, colorado
Credit: Bandimere Speedway

Over 5,000 people came to a Colorado race track on Tuesday to protest the “chaos Governor Jared Polis has inflicted” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bandimere Speedway announced in a press release (see below) Monday that they would be holding the “Stop the COVID Chaos” event. The speedway has already faced the wrath of public health officials for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions on social distancing and mask requirements at previous large events.

The Bandimere Family is proud to invite you to their “Stop the COVID Chaos” Rally on Tuesday, Sept 1 at 6pm at Bandimere Speedway. Join with us as we celebrate God and country and the people of the great State of Colorado.

Gates open at 5pm, with the rally starting at 6pm. The highlight of the event will be at the conclusion when all attendees will be invited to go onto the track racing surface for a photo. Everyone is encouraged to bring their United States and Colorado flags and dress in red, white, and blue for the photo.

The rally is co-hosted by the Bandimere Family, Patrick Neville, Michelle Malkin, & Randy Corporon.

There will be a brief presentation to explain further why the Bandimere Family has decided to file a lawsuit since Governor Polis has not honored the spirit of the emergency powers law by repeatedly extending and expanding his authority and, regardless, because his Executive Orders and Public Health Orders are unconstitutional. Patrick Neville and Michelle Malkin will say a few words about their similar lawsuit which the Colorado Supreme Court declined to hear on Friday.

Co-hosts and members of the media will be making some passes down the famous “Thunder Mountain” quarter-mile. All local media personalities are invited to attend the rally and, if they choose to do so, challenge one of the co-hosts to a safe, supervised run down the race track in one of Bandimere’s challenge cars.

Everyone is invited to join us as together we express our God given right to demand a stop to the COVID Chaos Governor Polis has inflicted upon all of us with his Executive Orders and Public Health Orders.

We hope to see you on Sept 1, but if you cannot be there yourself, please tell your friends and family and co-workers so they can attend the “Stop the COVID Chaos” Rally and “Stand With Bandimere Speedway.”

stop the COVID chaos, colorado
Over 5,000 turned up to the protest rally. Credit: Twitter

The venue, southwest of Denver, can hold 23,000 people. A local health order requires venues holding events larger than 175 to submit pre-approval plans to the local health department. Public Health officials claim they had received no such plans.

“Given the absence of an approved plan for this event, we are hopeful [that] Bandimere intends to cap the attendance at 175 attendees or less.”

– a letter from Jefferson County officials

The event was free to attend and co-hosted by Michelle Malkin (conservative political commentator), Randy Corporon (attorney), and Patrick Neville (Colorado House of Representatives). 

Colorado has reported 58,019 coronavirus cases and 1,853 deaths due to COVID.

press release, stop the COVID chaos, colorado
Press release.

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15 thoughts on “5,500 People Join Organized Rally to “Stop the COVID Chaos” in Colorado

  1. You obviously have not done any research on pandemics. Time will tell if the second wave is worse. Your friends businesses will survive (unless they suck then screw them) but your “doctor friends” definitely got their degree from a cracker jack box

  2. It’s not me anonymous , it’s all of the medical professionals,idiot. You’re a punk. You’re an ass hat gaper
    Go tune your slowboard , snows coming, you’ll wanna get your season pass because your obviously gonna need it to learn on the bunny hill.

  3. “Crazy” is not understanding the science of infectious diseases. Events like this will just drag out the time for getting this pandemic under control. “Low risk populations” are the only risk, “heard immunity” pipe dreams, “the economy is suffering” and “risks are greatly exaggerated” …. these are all justifications for your selfishness and disregard for our country as a whole. At least 185,000 deaths in the last 5 months. Get on board and be a part of the solution.

    1. Thanks jeff , your insight is very much appreciated. I always knew most skiers were self entitled twats that think they know more than epidemiologists(anonymous)
      But seriously people so worried about “the economy” ,go fuck yourself.
      People’s loved ones lives are being cut short and all some care about are their pocket books.
      And for people who know people , that doesnt mean you know what they know or even how to think critically about the given information. So no this is not a joke
      Think about ski mountaineering and group dynamics, would you expose someone in your group to danger, especially if that danger would effect everyone in their group? Only shitty leaders do that.

      1. People die every day. Covid had little effect on the total # of ppl that would typically die in a year. You need to keep it in perspective. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking this thing is bigger than it is. You’d save 10x more lives if you banned fast food than you would quarantining everyone from COVID. Why don’t you cry about everyone prematurely dying of heart attacks and obesity?

        We live in a world with controlled by mother nature. Not everything is in our control. Bad things happen. War happens. Floods happen. Famine happens. Stop being such an Utopian wimp.

        If you’re scared or scared for your family, self quarantine. Go hide somewhere. Don’t make the rest of us suffer because you’re such a paranoid ninny.

        1. But really I’m not the cdc or an infectious disease expert.
          So dont call me names or act like I’m responsible for this Mr finger pointer, but of course this is the internet so it probably makes you feel better about your immature pre teen self. But seriously, out in public please wear a mask.

          1. Wearing a mask. Out of respect for your mental disorder.

            I’m fine wearing a mask if that is what we need to do open up all my friends’ small businesses who are bearing the brunt of this BS.

            It’s entertaining to talk to all my doctor friends and family on the BS protection they offer.

            But if that’s what we need to do to make your Sally a** feels ok about the world, I’ll happily do it.

  4. My sister is a pulmonologist at Renown and her husband is a cardiologist. I’m also very well connected with the upper management of Renown and have several close friends that sit on the board. Additionally, I know about 20 nurses and another dozen or so doctors that work there.

    Nevada’s Governor along with many governors across the country instructed the hospitals to clear the beds and prepare for the wave of COVID to come in. Renown closed a parking garage and spent $12m building out a space for 700 additional beds for COVID patients. This facility was never used. The ICU rooms and other cleared beds never filled up. The wave never came. The hospital was a ghost town.

    Renown’s business model was choked off from its revenues with elective surgeries shut down. In order to sustain itself the hospital had to lay off and furlough its doctors and nurses. My pulmonologist (lung) doctor sister was furloughed for (3) weeks w/o work.

    One of the few ways to recover lost revenues was to have COVID listed patients (and deaths). Any patient with or who was suspected of COVID related issued was listed as COVID. If you died in a car accident and had COVID you were listed as a COVID death (and statistic). If you had a heart attack and happened to test positive for COVID you were listed as a COVID death (happened to a friend). If you died, were not tested, but had enough of the symptoms you were listed as a COVID death. Top to bottom doctors, nurses and administrators were encouraged to list COVID related symptoms and cases. The final result is the COVID #’s, and deaths are skewed. I’m not saying COVID isn’t dangerous or bad. What I’m saying is the data is bad, the #’s are bad, the information is bad. This is a mildly dangerous decease and it does cause death especially in at-risk groups but comparing it to the Spanish flu or the plague is a joke.

    Its not nearly as deadly as everyone told you. Its time to isolate at risk people or people with underlying health conditions (very small % of the population). The vaccine will be here soon. Its time to open the economy and let everyone go back to work.

  5. The cost of locking down the economy is already worse than the virus. The longer ‘our masters’ force us all to submit to their always-changing edicts, the worst life will get. Like all viruses, the only way this one will get under control is through herd immunity, which won’t happen under these conditions.

    1. “Herd immunity” works on livestock, the amount of human deaths it would take to reach that for COVID is unacceptable. Period. Defend your need to brunch and go to the mall on a mountain of human death and misery all you want.

  6. Germany is holding protests of 250,000 to reopen their economy.

    200,000 just gathered at the Washington Monument but somehow this isn’t making headlines about COVID concerns: https://www.wsj.com/articles/protesters-pour-into-national-mall-renewing-racial-justice-push-11598615232

    Sorry to all the believers out there but the risks of Covid were greatly exaggerated. Our society has several much larger, more deadly problems that we ignore and life and the economy somehow goes on. Its time to end the madness and open back up.

    If you’re still scared or freaked out for your loved ones its easy to self isolate, order stuff off amazon, order food delivery services, stay home. Its going to be OK.

      1. Say something tangible or keep yourself spooked and protected in solidarity.

        Don’t make the rest of us healthy, low risk population submit to your paranoia.

    1. “It’s crazy that we can’t open back up!” “Super spreader events are great!” Do oh not see what’s clashing about these two notions?

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