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mogul run
Run of the top of Lincoln today.

One issue that keeps coming up at Squaw and Alpine is icy groomers.  Many people ski and ride a run of man made snow and the run turns icy.  Sugar Bowl isn’t experiencing this.

chalky moguls
Great chalky moguls today.

Many of Sugar Bowl’s runs are natural snow only and they’ve been left to nature.  Lots of fun chalky moguls made Sugar Bowl a good time today.  The groomers aren’t icy either.

sugar bowl
Yimmers flexing that ski in the chalk today

Sugar Bowl has the chairs Lincoln, Christmas Tree, White Pine, Jerome Hill, & Nob Hill open.

cool light
Eric in the shortest day of the year light.

Skiing off Lincoln in chalky moguls was the place to be today.  Hellman’s chute was our favorite.

sugar bowl
Hellman’s was the spot today

An east wind was blowing all day, but it wasn’t a cold day as the high was 42F.  Clear skies today, no clouds.


Eric in the light
Groomers were not icy today at Sugar Bowl
Skier smoke & moguls & no skiers
sugar bowl
Yimmers and smoke.


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4 thoughts on “Sugar Bowl Conditions Report: Fun Chalky Snow | Photo Tour:

  1. here’s the real deal from someone who has skied Sugar Bowl almost every day since opening

    it’s fair, at best

    the top of Lincoln is terrible in the afternoon – small rocks are everywhere and everyone’s ski’s and boards are getting totally trashed – forget Lincoln after 11am
    yes, there are some nice chalky bumps left of lake view before it flattens out
    the moguls under lincoln are icy with rocks – forget Vanderbilt or anywhere else for off-pisted
    trailblazer is crowded and getting more so – it will be a zoo after Christmas – the snow’s ok in the morning before it gets chewed up
    the top of pioneer is good, bottom is icy and chewed up by 11am
    it’s all good for training and drills, and anyone who skis all the time – it sucks for the public coming after the 25th – fortunately most are kids happy to be playing on the mountain

    no snow in forecast for next 3 weeks

  2. Well Yes. Wednesday (4 days ago) the GROOMERS were fine.

    The ungroomed runs (3) off the top of Lincoln were hard.
    Open runs (many) elsewhere were Icy and I saw no one else
    on them when I skied them.

    1. Today, there were small sections of ice on groomers though it wasn’t too bad (optimism?). As said above, ungroomed stuff on top of Lincoln were pretty hard. Took 3 runs today and called it a day, probably would wait a couple more weeks given the shitty weather report.

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