Taghazout, Morroco Surf & Culture Report:

Eike Poeppelmeier | | SurfSurf

For Aramco World Magazin by Sisu Beirut


Last fall I spent a couple of weeks in Morocco surfing and exploring all the great breaks. I was super lucky with the swell and most places I went to had great surf.

I started my trip in Marrakesh and then quickly went to the coast. First to Essaouira which is typically a kite surf spot with tons of wind everyday. I was there the one day of the season with almost no wind and surfed a great beach break all day.

When the wind was back I continued to move south, down the coast to the famous surf town of Taghazout – spectacular breaks and great surfing.

There I bumped into a film crew from Lebanon, Sisu Beirut that were filming a local portrait of Taghazout surf culture for Aramco World Magazine. A really fun bunch of guys to hang out with and also a very talented film production team. Great video enjoy!

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