Tanner Hall Dropped by Oakley After 20 Loyal Years

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tanner hall, fwt
Tanner Hall. Credit: Freeskier

After 20 long years of supporting one of the best freeskiers of all time, Tanner Hall announced yesterday on Instagram that Oakley has cut him from their team.

“After 20 years of working together and loyalty I just got the word from @oakleyskiing that I’m cut……..Not gonna lie shit hurts”

This, despite Tanner dropping yet another sick movie this fall in the form of Here After and gaining a wildcard entry to this year’s FWT.

I wonder what went on there? I’m pretty sure that there won’t be a shortage of companies lining up to sign him up!

tanner hall, oakley
Credit: @TannerHall420
tanner hall, oakley
Credit: @TannerHall420

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6 thoughts on “Tanner Hall Dropped by Oakley After 20 Loyal Years

  1. For anyone who knows anything about skiing marijuana and skiing go hand and hand, Oakley should know better than that I’m ashamed to say the very least, happy with my dollar cheap white pair, I know they will regret this

  2. Hey i’am better then you. Do you even know Tanner Hall our are you just a city dick that believes everything you read Do you know Tanner.

  3. First world problems….I’m sure Tanner would have dropped Oakley real quick if the checks weren’t clearing….

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