TGR’s Co ϟ Lab Trailer:

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As you likely already know, TGR put $100,000 up for grabs to the skier with the best 3.5 minute video edit last year.  TGR uploaded the videos submitted to their site and people voted on the videos picking which edit they liked best.

After all the submissions and voting, TGR was left with some spectacular footage and they didn’t have to film a second of it.  Genius, right?  From that footage, they edited together a movie that we think is the best blow-for-blow ski movie of 2013.  No story line, no frills, just full-bore skiing in great conditions.

In the winter of 2012/2013, Teton Gravity Research unveiled The Co-Lab, an open-source film competition. With a $100,000 cash prize on the line—the largest in freeskiing history—the contest attracted both established professionals and unknown athletes from across the globe. Abandoning the conventions of traditional filmmaking, The Co-Lab handed the reins over to the people. With the platform and freedom to express its creativity, a new generation of athletes and filmmakers stepped into the spotlight. You chose your favorites. This is their film . . . – TGR

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