7 Most Beautiful Extreme Sports Athletes

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Julia Mancuso has been on this list for a while
Julia Mancuso has class

It’s no secret that the world appreciates beautiful athletes.  Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater, Natalie Coughlin, Dwayne Wade, Danica Patrick, David Beckham, the list goes on.  Our favorite sports’ arena is a lot smaller than the big dogs, but we’ve got some beautiful people of our own.

Men’s Health has released their proposed 7 most beautiful extreme athletes.  These ladies have it all:  they’re smart, classy, professionally athletic, successful, and gorgeous.

Gretchen likely laughs a lot, she’s got a killer lifestyle
Gretchen likely laughs a lot, she’s got a killer lifestyle

In no particular order the classy women selected by Men’s Health are:

– Julia Mancuso – Skier (squaw gal)
– Kristi Leskinen – Skier
– Gretchen Beiler – Snowboard
– Alana Blanchard – Surf
– Lokelani McMicheal – Surf
– Lyn-z Adams Hawkins – Skate

Lokelani McMichael
Lokelani McMichael

This list proves that skiing, snowboarding, and surfing are where it’s at.  Of the seven gals on this list, there’s 3 surfers, 2 skiers, and 1 snowboarder.

Check out the Men’s Health article for more info on these athletes:  Men’s Health

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5 thoughts on “7 Most Beautiful Extreme Sports Athletes

  1. Agreed with most of this list. I still think that in the right make-up, lack of clothes and sexy shoes, Lindsey Vonn ranks pretty high…but then again, she has Tiger-breath now, which knocks her down a notch or two!

  2. Yeah, the extreme sports gals are pretty darn cute. Tennis seems to be where it’s at, though.

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