The Eagle(s) Have Landed: Tram Cabins Arrive to Big Sky Resort, MT

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Big Sky’s new Lone Peak Tram cabins have arrived. Photo: Big Sky Resort

BIG SKY, MT – (August 28, 2023) The eagle(s) have landed.

Following a 37-day journey from Olten, Switzerland, both of the Lone Peak Tram cabins have arrived safely in Big Sky. The cabins were greeted in traditional Big Sky fashion with a local bull moose temporarily stopping traffic as they made their way to their final destination.

The 6,615-pound cabins arrived by boat in Port Hueneme, California, before being loaded on a truck for delivery to Big Sky.  

The cabins will travel up to 300 feet off the ground when installed on the haul ropes, and each include 12 seats and a glass floor panel for viewing during the summer.

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Inbounds to Big Sky. | Photo: Big Sky Resort

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