The Ski Bum’s Guide: How To Reheat Cold Pizza the “Right” Way

Miles Clark |
Soon to be reheated Ski Bum pizza… image: snowbrains

As a ski bum, you will inevitably end up eating a lot of old, cold, funky pizza found in your fridge, stolen from a friend’s pantry, encountered left out in the living room, and occasionally the partially-eaten slice rescued from the previous day’s backyard fiesta.

This pizza must be salvaged and digested for continued optimum ski bum performance and decision making.

Yet, a ski bum mustn’t be too hasty in their preferred reanimation technique of said pizza.

There is a proper way to reheat pizza and if executed correctly, it will truly render the pizza better than it was the day it was born – crispy on the bottom and fully hot, melted cheesy goodness on top.

Hmmm…  the ski bum life in a nutshell…

How To Reheat Cold Pizza the Right Way

STEP 1:  Put a frying pan on the stove and set temp to medium-high

STEP 2:  Put pizza on the frying pan and cook the pizza until the bottom is crispy (about 2 minutes)

STEP 3:  Turn heat down to low

STEP 4:  Add a tablespoon of water to the pan

STEP 5:  Cover frying pan & let the pizza steam for about 3 minutes (this will melt the cheese)

STEP 6:  Enjoy Ski Bum approved reheated pizza that tastes better than it did the day it was made

STEP 7:  Bask in the memory of having actually acquired food…  Then continue hucking your meat and taking unnecessary chances while having no health insurance, immediate future plans, nor financial security!

A ski bum enjoying properly reheated pizza. image: snowbrains
OG California ski bums. Circa 1975…. image: snowbrains

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