There Will Be No More Lake Tahoe IRONMANs

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Ironman Lake Tahoe
Ironman Lake Tahoe

Ironman just released the statement below online detailing how they will not be returning to Lake Tahoe next year or any other year.  They do not state why they have come to this decision.

Last year, smoke from wildfires forced the event to be canceled.  In previous years, it has snowed and been below freezing at race time.  Maybe nature is against IRONMAN in Tahoe?


“After careful consideration, IRONMAN Lake Tahoe will not be continued. We appreciate the efforts and support of the city, volunteers, sponsors, and everyone else involved in putting on this triathlon over the past eight years. We would also like to thank all of the athletes who have raced with us in Lake Tahoe.

We appreciate your dedication and understand your disappointment with not being able to race in Lake Tahoe. Please consider one of the following IRONMAN events:

• IRONMAN Boulder, Boulder, Colo.

• IRONMAN Canada, British Columbia, Canada.

• IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Thank you and we hope to see you on one of our start lines soon.”

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6 thoughts on “There Will Be No More Lake Tahoe IRONMANs

  1. Mr Squallykookness origionally from Colorado himself will have his newly confirmed Spartan event to spray us all down about.

  2. W Gord bunch o poseur pusses most of em.
    The burliest on the circuit perhaps with altitude cold a$$ water and wildly varying temp ranges from start to finish

    Also great for local businesses lodging food etc.

    So WTF u pusses I-ron men or what?

  3. Iron Man year #1 was a game changer for local business; basically turned a dead weekend into a mid-summer weekend. Year #2 was medium rare because of the smoke, and this year was a not as busy as we all expected. Still, a bummer to see it go away. Great exposure for the area and the traffic impact wasn’t unbearable.

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