Tioga Pass & Sonora Pass REOPEN in CA After Large Snowstorm:

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Tioga Pass, CA on May 12, 2011.  Not quite this deep this year...  photo:  brian van der brug/LA times
Tioga Pass, CA on May 12, 2011. Not quite this deep this year… photo: brian van der brug/LA times

9,945′ Tioga Pass and 9,624′ Sonora Pass in California closed last Thursday due to a large snowstorm that dropped 18″ on Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Both Tioga Pass & Sonora Pass reopened today at around 12pm (noon) after both roads were successfully cleared of that new snow.

Ellery Bowl in it's entirety yesterday.
Tioga Pass’ Ellery Bowl in it’s entirety last Wednesday looking bony…

Tioga and Sonora passes had near record early openings this year both being opened completely by April 17th, 2015.  These record early openings were due to extremely low snowfall this winter.

We drove over Tioga pass last Wednesday and the skiing near the road was nothing to write home about.  We chose not to ski Ellery Bowl due to lack of snow.  Report here:

Tioga Pass, CA Conditions Report:

Skier's left off Chair 3 this am.
Mammoth last Saturday.

Be careful if you go skiing up on Tioga or Sonora this week as there will be only the new snow, about 12-18″, on top of rocks in many spots.

We witnessed some nasty injuries at Mammoth last Saturday due to people hitting rocks hard while skiing and riding.  There is only a little bit of snow covering rocks in most places.

We’ll have reports from Sonora and Tioga this week.  Stay tuned.

Also, a storm forecast to hit Sonora and Tioga this Thursday have the potential to close the passes once again.  Heads up and have fun.

Tioga Pass signage.
Tioga Pass signage.

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6 thoughts on “Tioga Pass & Sonora Pass REOPEN in CA After Large Snowstorm:

  1. Tioga Pass & Sonora CLOSED again as of 4 hours ago. No snow yet but they are worried “it may
    snow soon”

  2. Knead-
    Problem is, you would be complaining just as much if it snowed and get didn’t open

  3. I think it’s bullshit resorts are open when it’s boney out. Crystal opened early this year and I fucked up my hip and arm bashing into rocks under the snow in a open area. Fucked up my rock deck but was out for 1 month

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