Top 10 Powder Skis of 2014

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Mmmmmm....  pow skis...
Mmmmmm…. pow skis…

Freeskier Magazine has ranked the top 10 powder skis of 2014.  If you’re a true powder freak, you likely get a new pair of powder skis every year.  There are so many different styles of powder skis these days, it’s nice to get a list like this to show us what’s up on the 2014 powder ski scene.

How Freeskier’s testing process works:

Freeskier Ski Testing Procedure

What do you think about this list?  Anything missing?  Atomic Automatic?  Praxis?  Let us know.  We’re listening and so is Freeskier.  These guys have a ton of experience in this, they know what their doing, and they’re always looking to get you the reviews and information you want.


10. Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus


9. Moment Bibby


8. K2 Annex 118 (Seth Pro)


7. Head Turbine 125


6. Nordica Patron


5. Armada Magic J


4. Völkl Shiro


3. Armada JJ


2. Rossignol Super 7


1. Blizzard Gunsmoke

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Powder Skis of 2014

  1. Gun smoke and s7 are pretty sweet. I do vote praxis protests for number zero though :-z

  2. Well, that is a bummer that Praxis was unable to get the skis in on time. Their skis are great, and I think the Protest would have been on this list for sure.

  3. an oldie but a goodie and still the best in my mind. K2 pontoon, shane got it right and the minor changes made of the years are great, hands down the best pow ski on the market

  4. Is this list comprised from sponsors of Freeskier? prob so.
    Yes, missing is the Automatic and Praxis Protest or this year’s version of it. def.
    Also, Kuro, Katana, Kaestle FX, Bodacious, Cham, DPS, Big Stix, and more I can’t recall right now.

    1. To address @sharpy’s comment, this list is not comprised of Freeskier’s sponsors. I assume sponsor = advertiser. 4 of these manufacturers do not advertise with us. And we do not charge to be a part of our test.

      We had 20+ testers ski on hundreds of skis during our 2-week long testing process in Aspen. All of the above skis listed that we missed according to @sharpy were tested, except for Praxis who were not able to submit skis to our test. Skis are submitted to the following categories by the manufacturer: Powder/Big Mountain/All Mountain/Park.

      Thank you Miles for posting our results here. I welcome the debate on our picks, but I want to be 100% clear that the results are not based on advertising revenue.

      Greg Wright
      Associate Publisher
      Freeskier Magazine

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