TOP GUN: The 3 Award Winning Ski Bindings of 2015

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When hucking off the tram building at Squaw, you wanna make sure you're bindings don't eject on landing.  photo:  Hand de Vre
When hucking off the tram building at Squaw, you wanna make sure you’re bindings don’t eject on landing. photo: Hand de Vre

Ski bindings…  

As ski technology and shape changes – and it’s been changing fast – bindings have to morph and evolve to keep up.  Wider skis means wider bindings.  Wider bindings leads to more control and more power transfer to your ski.

You’ve got to have ski bindings.  There’s no other way to attache yourself to skis.  Always make sure your bindings are mounted and adjusted correctly.  Bindings are the one fundamental piece of ski equipment you have that is truly safety gear.

You don’t want them to come off too early and you don’t want to them to stay on too long.  Both situations can lead to hard falls and bad injuries.  You need a binding you can trust.  You need a binding that will do exactly what you need and none of what you don’t need.  These three soar above the rest:



SKI BINDING:  2015 G3 Ion

AWARD:  Freeskier Magazine Editors’ Pick Award

2015 G3 Ion Ski Binding

– Freeskiing Magazine gave only 2 Ski Bindings the “Editor’s Pick Award” and one was this tour binding.  We were shocked because this clearly shows that this must be the touring binding of the year.

– PIck up a pair of G3 Ion at  2015 G3 Ion Ski Binding

  • Toe:
    Industry-leading Jaw RetentionStronger springs in the ION toe jaw mechanism allow the binding to be skied aggressively in the unlocked mode.
    Wide Freeride MountA wider, 40 mm footprint in the toe unit screws is 30% wider than the traditional pattern, for better leverage with wide skis.
    Snow Clearing ChannelA space under the toe wings is large enough to fit a ski pole tip in, forcing snow and ice out – this is a common cause of unwanted tech toe releases.
    Step-In GuidanceWhen the binding jaws are open, guidance tabs allow the user to accurately place their ISO 9523 boot toe for step in; the tabs retract when the binding is closed.
    No-Slip PU Lined Toe Socket
  • Heel:
    Energy Absorbing HeelThe ION heelpiece is set with no gap between boot heel and heelpiece, but moves rearward in response to pressure so your ski can flex naturally without putting pressure on the toe unit.
    One Tool Release AdjustmentBoth lateral and vertical release values are adjustable with a Pozidrive #3 screwdriver.
  •  Tour Mode:
    Bi-Directional Heel RotationION heels can be rotated in either the clockwise or counterclockwise position to tour, and the flip-up lifters work equally well in either position.
  • Manually Stowable Brake:
    When you rotate the heel into touring mode, the brake can either be clicked into stowed position by hand or left in the deployed position for security against potential runaway skis. The brake will retract into a locked, stowed position when first stepped on.
  •  Additional Features:
    Boot Length Adjustment Range22 mm
    Ski Crampons Available Separately85 mm, 105 mm, and 130 mm

What Freeskier had to say about the 2015 G3 Ion:

An expansive toe-jaw position and a wide mounting location on this brand-new touring binding increase power and energy transfer to your edge. When clicking into the G3 ION ski bindings, a bumper guides the toe into the correct position for quick, easy step-ins, and a bidirectional heel swivel allows for hike to ski transitions with either hand.– Freeskier Magazine


SKI BINDING:  2015 Look Pivot

AWARD:  Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice Award

2015 Look Pivot Ski Binding

– Powder Magazine doesn’t rank their award winning Ski Bindings.  We chose the Pivot Look bindings of the 8 Skiers Choice ski bindings because so many of the die hard, ski all day everyday skiers we know ski these and ski these only.  

Pick up the Look Pivot at  2015 Look Pivot Binding

  • Toe Piece:
    180˚ Multi-Directional ToepieceConsistent and reliable release in all directions
    Toe Lateral Elasticity45 mm
  • Heel Piece:
    Pivot Heelpiece
    Heel Vertical Elasticity25 mm
    Superior Shock Absorption

What Powder Magazine had to say about the 2015 Look Pivot Binding:

If you want to stay attached to your skis even in cases of nuclear destruction, crank the Pivot to 18 DIN and you’re good to go. For the rest of us, a happy medium DIN on the Pivot will do just fine and here’s why: It’s made entirely of metal, owns the industry’s best elastic travel (40mm in the toe and 28mm in the heel), and offers seven points of contact on your boot (four in the heel, three in the toe). If you still manage to double eject with a nasty twist, the turntable heel rotates with your foot to ease the torque on the release. For a lighter setup, check out the Pivot 14. – Powder Magazine


SKI BINDING:  2015 Atomic Tracker

AWARD:  Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award

2015 Atomic Tracker

– Backcountry Magazine’s only gave their editor’s choice award to 3 Ski Bindings this year.  Of those three, only the Atomic Tracker was a non-tec-binding.  This binding is big, it’s heavy, and it won’t let you down when charging.  The fact that Backcountry Mag let this into their top 3 is a testament to its reliability.

Pick up a pair of the Atomic Trackers at  2015 Atomic Tracker Ski Binding

  • Toe:
    Adjustable Sole Height
    Flat Front Toe Piece makes 90 degree rotation possible and makes your climb effortless.
    Metal on Metal Toe Pin increases durability and product longevity.
  • Heel:
    Switch from Hike to Ski Mode and Back Without Removing Skis
    Steel heel housing and screw reinforcement for increased durability.
    Freeski Brakes
  • Tour Mode:
    Hike & Ride SwitchA quick, easy and convenient switch between skiing and hiking mode without having to remove the skis.
    2 Climbing Aid Positions
  • Additional Features:
    MultiNorm CertifiedTÜV (Technischer Überwachungs Verein) certified for use with ISO 5355 Alpine, ISO 9523 Alpine Touring, and WTR (Walk To Ride) soles.
    Low Profile ChassisLow stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  •  Oversized Platform:
    A super wide platform to ensure maximum power transmission on fatter skis.
  • Stack Height :
    21 mm

What Backcountry Magazine had to say about the 2015 Atomic Tracker:

+ “Strong, solid feel on the descent.”
– “No flat skinning mode. Heavy with an awkward stride.”
= A stout, reliable alpine binding that can handle short tours.

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  1. ^. If it’s metal, use it (although the DIN range might be too low).
    If it’s plastic, you have an awesome beer bottle opener as in the toe peice! And a pipe as in the heel piece!

  2. The 2015 Look Pivot binding that gets Powder Magazine’s Skier’s Choice Award looks
    very very similar to my 1970’s vintage Look Nevada N77 with Rotamat heel. LOL

    Wondering if the 1970’s binding is still useable (I have a few!)

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