Colorado’s I-70 Winter Traction Law Now in Effect

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Colorado’s new I-70 traction law is designed to reduce fatalities on state highways this winter. Credit: The Denver Post

Drivers are advised by the State of Colorado that the Interstate 70 winter traction law is now in effect on the 126-mile stretch from Dotsero to Morrison.

Signed by Gov. Polis in May 2019 and enacted August 1, 2019, the law applies September 1 through May 31, regardless of weather conditions.

Legal language details:

  • Private vehicles not fitting four or all-wheel drive classification must equip at all times either snow tires or traction devices such as tire socks or chains.
  • Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks carry chains.
  • Increase to three-sixteenths inch minimum tire tread requirement.
  • Colorado Department of Transportation and State Patrol are to advise on inspection checkpoints and enforcement.

Officials affirm public safety continues to be Colorado’s primary focus and reminds, regardless of geographic location or calendar period, vehicles in zones of inclement weather are urged to remain weather-smart by:

  • Topping up the fuel tank
  • Carry roadside safety/snow removal gear
  • Extra water
  • Pack extra warm clothing
  • and always drive to conditions

Violators will be given a $100 citation with a $32 surcharge. If a driver winds up closing one or more lanes of traffic, that fine jumps to $500 with a $156 surcharge.

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Get the facts on Colorado’s traction law. Courtesy image.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado’s I-70 Winter Traction Law Now in Effect

  1. Let’s see if they actually enforce it. LOL

    Kind of like Colorado’s move into the right lane after passing law. Its always entertaining to see how everyone enters the freeway and immediately jumps into the fast lane and then just sits there for miles on end. I lived in CO for 5 years and never saw anyone pulled over for breaking that law.

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