What You Need To Know About Colorado’s New I-70 Traction Law

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I-70 Wreck
Colorado’s new I-70 law is designed to reduce fatalities among state highways this winter. Credit: The Denver Post

Colorado’s New I -70 Traction Law has updated the requirements for vehicles driving on state highways during winter months.

The new law, which went into effect on August 2nd, 2019 states that during an active Traction Law (also known as a Code 15), motorists must have either snow tires, tires with the mud/snow designation, or a four-wheel/all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Specifically, the law changed the required minimum tire tread for vehicles on snowy roads to 3/16 of an inch. You can also install chains or an alternative traction device (like AutoSock) to be in compliance with the law if your tires aren’t adequate.

From Sept. 1 to May 31, the Traction Law is active on I-70 from Dotsero to Morrison. All vehicles must carry traction law equipment or be traction law compliant on this 126-mile stretch.

I-70 Traction Law
2 storm cycles this October have caused massive congestion along I-70. Credit: The Denver Post

Violators will be given a $100 citation with a $32 surcharge. If a driver winds up closing one or more lanes of traffic, that fine jumps to $500 with a $156 surcharge.

Since the law went into effect two major storm cycles have impacted Colorado state highways. During these storms, accidents were prevalent causing massive congestion along the roads. Not enough people have been following the new law.

Traffic along the highways is expected to worsen this winter if drivers don’t comply with the new law. State highway officials will be cracking down on those not adhering to the new requirements by issuing citations. Please follow the state mandate to keep the highways safe and accident-free this winter, and above all drive with care when on slippery roads.

I-70 traction law
Be safe on Colorado highways this winter and comply with state law. Credit: 9News.com

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3 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Colorado’s New I-70 Traction Law

  1. Colorado has ridiculously horrible snow drivers. This law is should be enforced.

    CO should also enforce their use the left lane for passing only law. Never seen a place where people left lane cruise like CO.

  2. I propose a “finders keepers loser’s weepers” snowpacolypse rule , if less than 24″ of snow and the road does not actually close and you abandon your vehicle it may be permanently confiscated by any public entity or private party.
    Maybe that would discourage people from being out during weather they are not prepared to be driving in.

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