How Does One Treat a Scrotum Frozen to a Thigh? | by Outside

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two frozen balls
Frozen balls.

If your scrotum (balls) get frozen to your thigh, what should you do?  Outside Magazine asked Dr. Peter Schlegel, a urologist and professor at Cornell University, just that question.

Thankfully, Dr. Schlegel says that balls freezing to thighs is not a frequently occurring phenomenon.   We do know that on Mt. McKinley it’s wise to wear a “dick sock” on summit day (which is just a thick sock folded in half and placed in front of the gentials) and some guys have had freezing injuries to the “captain”.  But we’ve never heard of someone’s balls freezing to their thigh up there.

“For the scrotum to freeze to the thigh, the thigh skin would have to be at a freezing temperature [ie frostbitten].”

“It’s more likely natural perspiration on the scrotum allowed it to be stuck to the thigh.”

“It’s almost unheard of for the scrotum to freeze on the thigh.  Extreme cold rarely will adversely affect the testes and reproductive function, since the testes auto-regulate their position to maintain normal temperature.” – Dr. Schlegel told Outside Magazine

The takeaway from Dr. Schlegel’s info is that in extremely cold weather, you’ll want to go for briefs instead of boxers.  If your boys do get frozen to your thigh.  Warm water should break them free and then go see a doctor immediately…

(p.s. Do not google ‘frozen scrotum’)

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