UPDATED: Which US State Has The Most Ski Resorts?

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During the 2019/2020 ski season, 470 ski resorts were in operation in the United States of America, a slight decrease over the 476 the previous season. Of the 37 states with operating ski resorts, New York leads by an astounding number – 51 ski resorts operating in the state in 2019/20.

Historic totals show us that 1991/1992 ski season had 546 Resorts in operation, this being the MOST for the last 25 years. 

The total number of ski resorts in operation during 2019/ 2020 by state:

Increase/decrease over previous season in brackets

1. New York: 51 

2. Michigan: 40 (-3)

3. Wisconsin and Colorado: 31 each

4. California and New Hampshire: 30 each

5. Pennsylvania: 26

6. Vermont: 23 (-2)

7. Minnesota: 20

8. Maine: 18 (-2)

9. Idaho: 17

10: Montana and Utah: 15 each (both +1)

11. Washington: 14

12. Massachusetts: 13

13. Oregon: 12

14. Wyoming: 10

15. New Mexico and Alaska: 9 each

16. North Carolina: 6

17. Connecticut, Virginia, Nevada, and Ohio:: 5 each

18. Illinois, West Virginia: 4 each (both -1)

19. Arizona,  Iowa, New Jersey, and North Dakota:  3 each (NJ & ND +1)

20: Indiana, Missouri, and South Dakota: 2 each (SD -1)

21: Alabama, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Tennessee: 1 each

Total: 470 Resorts in Operation during the 2018/2019 ski season 

** Information provided by the National Ski Areas Association website

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10 thoughts on “UPDATED: Which US State Has The Most Ski Resorts?

    1. Hi Marcello,
      The National Ski Areas Association article I referenced did not provide a list of names for each resort. I have been looking for a list elsewhere on their website. The contact information they provide is nsaa@nsaa.org

      This link is ski areas by year:

      This link is ski area names operating in the U.S., but is from 2012, which saw 478(according to above link) ski resorts in operation:

  1. Here is one for ya, SB!
    Japan 377,915 sq km
    California 403,882 sq km

    Japan has roughly 500+ resorts
    California 30

    put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  2. Who has the most square miles of ski resorts? I’m guessing not NY. In fact, I think all the ski resorts of a small eastern state could probably fit into one resort somewhere in the west.

  3. This is a good ski area acreage question.
    State with most “inbounds” acreage wins.
    Vast ski tenures or bc terrain do not count.
    If someone at snowbrains could get the calculator and state ski area lists, I think alot of people would like to see this info.

  4. Didnt really answer the question accurately tho.
    All ski areas in a state total skiable acreage
    So in Colorado for example there is 20 something ski areas. The acreage of all these ski areas added up. The state with the most skiable acreage wins.
    It is alot of leg work(math)

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