USA Facts on Skiing/Snowboarding Injuries and Fatalities

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The Denver Post just published an article detailing statistics and causes of injuries and fatalities at Colorado ski resorts.  findings are eye-opening.


ski patrol training exercise.
ski patrol training exercise.

Highlighted Injury Facts:

– 600,000 people are injured skiing/snowboarding each year

– About 2 injuries for ever 1,000 skier visits is the national norm, this is a 50% decrease in injuries since 1970s

– Snowboarders have a lower fatality rate but twice the injury rate of skiers

– Rise in helmet use is associated with a decrease in deaths

– 54 skier/snowboarder deaths last season at USA ski resorts who saw 51 million skier visits

– 19 people died last season at Colorado ski resorts (their most ever) who saw 11 million skier visits

Read More:  Denver Post

We want to thank the thousands of ski patrollers in USA working hard not only to keep us safe, but  to care for us once we become injured.  Thanks patrol.

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