Utah’s Navajo Land Has a Higher Rate of COVID-19 Infection Than New York City

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The curve of Utah’s overall coronavirus cases appears to be flattening, but don’t let that fool you — there’s a crisis in the south of the state. 

Because it’s officially on sovereign territory of the Navajo Nation on the southern border of San Juan County in Utah, cases on Native American reservations often don’t get included in the State Health Department’s coronavirus briefings. 

The state health department’s map of covid-19 cases in utah.

Fox 13 News reports that outside of its two biggest towns of Monticello and Blanding, San Juan County has just under 10,000 people with well over 200 cases of coronavirus. That means that the per-capita case rate in that area, which includes a portion of the Navajo Nation in Utah, is higher than that of New York City, one of the biggest coronavirus hotspots in the U.S. 

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