Vail Resorts CEO Donates $11.7 Million to Support COVID-19 Efforts, Racial Justice Reform and Youth Access

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CEO of Vail Resorts Rob Katz. Photo by Matt Nager.

Vail Resorts, Inc. announced yesterday that Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rob Katz has exercised stock appreciation rights (SARs), that were set to expire in 2021, and will be making a charitable donation of 100 percent of the proceeds received.  Based on the market price on the date of exercise of $194.74 per share, the donation is equal to approximately $11.7 million.  After withholding taxes, Katz received 59,988 shares of Vail Resorts stock from the SARs exercise, all of which will be donated either in the form of a donation of shares or a donation of cash proceeds that were received from the sale of shares.  The donation by Katz, and his wife Elana Amsterdam, will be made to the family’s charitable trust and foundation.

Additionally, today Katz and Amsterdam announced a number of immediate grants to support COVID-19 efforts, racial justice reform, and programs for urban youth.

“This is an incredibly challenging time for our country, and while a primary mission of our charitable giving will remain supporting mental and behavioral health and COVID-19 relief efforts in mountain communities, Elana and I feel passionate about supporting efforts that ensure basic human rights, empowerment, and health for everyone. We are proud to lend our voice and resources to these critical initiatives, movements, and organizations that are creating positive change for our society every day.”

– Rob Katz

$1 Million – Tulane University School of Medicine

The grant will significantly expand and improve COVID-19 testing in the region, including for vulnerable populations that are most at risk. Located in New Orleans and one of the nation’s most recognized centers for medical education, Tulane University School of Medicine is a vibrant center for education, research, and public service.

$500,000 – Equal Justice Initiative

The Equal Justice Initiative is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American Society.

$500,000 – Know Your Rights Camp

The mission of Know Your Rights Camp is to advance the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities through education, self-empowerment, mass-mobilization, and the creation of new systems that elevate the next generation of change leaders.

$1.5 million – Youth Organizations

As a part of a youth access initiative announced in December 2019, in partnership with Vail Resorts, these grants from Katz and Amsterdam will support non-profit organizations that work to strengthen communities and support youth of color in urban centers across North America. While initially earmarked to support efforts to expand youth access to winter sports, the couple today announced that given the current challenges presented by COVID-19, this year’s grants would instead fund the top priorities determined by each organization for the kids they serve.  Specific grants to non-profits will be announced this summer.

In March 2020, Katz and Amsterdam announced a donation of more than $2.5 million to provide immediate COVID-19 relief support for both Vail Resorts employees and non-profits that serve the mountain towns where the company operates.

About the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust and Foundation

Founded by Vail Resorts’ CEO, Rob Katz, and his wife, Elana Amsterdam, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Elana’s Pantry, the Katz Amsterdam Foundation believes that emotional and physical wellness is essential for people and their communities to thrive. With a primary focus on mountain communities and the benefit of outdoor recreation, the Foundation strives to create an environment that provides resources to empower people to lead full and vibrant lives. Since 2016 Katz and Amsterdam have made contributions of almost $120 million to the Katz Amsterdam Foundation and Charitable Trust, representing 100% of the proceeds of any sales by Katz of Vail Resorts common stock.  During that same time period, they have made grants to non-profits totaling over $20 million.

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