Vail Resorts Promises to Eliminate Emissions, Landfill Waste, & Forest Impact By 2030 | The “Epic Promise”

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Vail just announced a their latest effort to stem climate change that they are calling: “Epic Promise for a Zero Footprint” where Vail plans to completely eliminate the environmental impact of its operations by the year 2030.

“The environment is our business, and we have a special obligation to protect it.” – Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts

Vail is the Earth’s largest mountain operator with 14 ski resorts in 3 countries on 2 continents including the largest ski resort in the USA (Park City, UT), the largest ski resort in Canada (Whilster, B.C.), and the largest ski resort in Australia (Perisher).

“Committing to green energy is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for business.  We talk about an environmental goal of needing to use less, but that’s an important business goal too. It means we are being smart about not only the resources we use inside the company, but also how we use any resources outside the company … particularly when the environment is both our product and our passion.”– Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts


  • Zero net emissions by 2030.
    • “Our most significant opportunity for making a measurable impact on climate change exists within our own operations as we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. We plan to achieve zero net emissions by doubling down on energy efficiency, purchasing 100 percent renewable energy and investing in programs such as tree planting.” – Vail
  • Zero waste to landfill by 2030.
    • “By improving our recycling and composting program, engaging with vendors to reduce packaging and source recyclable and compostable products, and working with our local communities to increase options for reuse and diversion, our goal is to reach a point where no waste goes to a landfill.” – Vail
  • Zero net operating impact to forests and habitat.
    • “To protect the beautiful environments we operate in, we are expanding our commitments to ensure the health and resilience of forests and habitats, such as planting an acre of forest for every acre of forest displaced by our operations, and expanding our partnerships with local organizations focused on the health of our forests and habitat.” – Vail

Vail also will joing the RE100, a group of large companies committed to using 100% renewable energy.  A group that includes:  Coca-Cola,  Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Nike, Starbucks, Nestle, and more.

in 2008, Vail pledged to a 10% reduction in energy use by 2012.  They hit that goal early and doubled down committing to a 20% reduction in energy by 2020.

“We don’t think these things are that political. Once it’s clear there are not going to be national standards, we think it’s important to put our money where our mouth is.  This is not only doing the right thing, it’s doing the smart thing.” – Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts


Creating a Promising Future

EpicPromise is how we will create a more promising future for generations to come. Vail Resorts wholeheartedly believes in preserving the intrinsic essence of the natural environments and communities where we work, play and call home.


At Vail Resorts, everything we do is built upon the promise of bringing together the mountains, our communities, employees and guests to ignite a passion for the outdoors, conserve the natural environment and support our local communities for a bright, sustainable future.


Vail Resorts  will be a benchmark for sustainable business practices. We will continue to re-imagine how to be an effective sustainability leader as we actively work every day to strengthen our communities, find operational inefficiencies, foster healthy environments and deliver strong financial results.

How we practice our mission and vision

Annually we give more than $8.6M to more than 250 nonprofit partners focusing on youth programs and environmental initiatives. Over the past five years we have supported resource and forest conservation; we have reduced our energy use by 10% and pledged to reduce it by another 10% before 2020; and raised more than $3.5 million through our guest donation program to sustain the health of our forests.

Our sustainability team will continue to set and help us achieve goals like The Next 10, and we will engage all of our employees in programs like EpicVolunteersEpicPromise Week, and other community involvement efforts. We will also continue our community grants and college scholarships, and other successful community-serving projects like CME Fill the Van. In addition, by engaging our guests through EpicPromise our stewardship is part of the guest experience from booking a trip online to engaging with the natural environments and communities that surround our mountains.

This commitment relies on our individual and collective participation to ensure we are igniting a passion for the great outdoors and strong communities for generations to come. In creating EpicPromise, we hope to inspire Our EmployeesOur Guests and Our Communities to take action with us.




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