VIDEO: 14-Year-Old Snowboarder Dangles, Falls 26-Feet from Chairlift at Whistler

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A 14-year-old somehow ended up dangling from the Emerald Express Chair at Whistler, B.C. on Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 .

At 10:40am, the snowboarder fell.  In the video you can see ski patrol and others attempting to soften the fall with a tower pad.  The snowboarder hits the pad, but not the center and takes a hard fall.  It’s unknown if the snowboarder was injured in the incident.

Whistler reports that the safety bar was not lowered at the time of the accident.

Whistler released a statement that said this:

“the snowboarder slipped from the chair just below lift tower number three,”

“Lift attendants immediately stopped the lift and used rescue equipment to catch the snowboarder as he fell towards the ground.”

Whistler Blackcomb ski patrol took the snowboarder to the Whistler Medical Centre.  The snowboarders current status is unknown.

Lets all be very careful while riding chairlifts this winter.

We sincerely hope this snowboarder is ok.

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