[VIDEO] 4″ Hailstones Batter Northern Italy Resulting in Rivers of Ice Flooding Streets

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Footage shared on social media on Friday showed a river of icy water flooding the streets of Seregno in Lombardy hours after hail had battered the area. Other videos showed hailstorms hitting the regions of Lombardy and Veneto in northern Italy after the third heatwave of the year.

The governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, declared a state of emergency on Thursday after the weather injured more than 110 people.

The recent hailstorms and flooding in Seregno, northern Italy, have gone viral on social media, showing rapid floods engulfing the small streets, with sheets of ice forming on the surface, resembling miniature icebergs. The severity of the hail, up to 4″ (10cm) across, caused property damage, personal injuries, and disruption to daily life. Emergency services responded to over 500 calls for assistance. Falling hailstones and broken glass caused injuries to residents, while strong winds reaching up to 140 mph were reported in Veneto.

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