[VIDEO] Climbing and Skiing all 52 Peaks Above 13,000′ in Colorado in 60 days

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In the spring of 2021, I set out to ski from the summits of all the 13,000′ mountains of the Elk Range in Colorado. Why? Well, the 14ers are known, but the 13ers still have a lot of adventure left within them.

The Elks are my home mountain range, so this project was a close journey to reach deeper into my home. In search of new lines, some rarely or never done. This is a snippet into that journey.

In sum, there are 52 peaks in the 13,000′ category and 7 above 14,000′. Over a 61 day period, I was able to climb to the summits of all 59 peaks in total and ski off them. It was a magical time of building an understanding of the range and watching my fitness and technical capacity become dialed – a true flow at home.

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