VIDEO: CRAZY Parkour Front Flip onto a Free-Standing Post

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“It excites me to know that the possibilities are seemingly endless,” said Dominic Di Tommaso, the man pulling the crazy parkour stunt in the video above. It took the Red Bull sponsored freerunner 3 hours and 8 tries to successfully land that daring stunt. Dominic is not one who gives up easily.

Dominic Di Tommaso is a professional freerunner from Sydney, Australia and is part of the elite Team Farang group of freerunners that also includes Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns. According to, Tommaso started freerunning back in 2007 following a background in ballet and figure skating and a full-time job as a garbage man.

Now, he trains with Crew 42 and has been a part of Team Farang since 2016, as well as being a regular at Red Bull Art of Motion in recent years.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: CRAZY Parkour Front Flip onto a Free-Standing Post

  1. Is it really that hard to tell the difference between a frontflip precision and a backflip? Like, I can’t tell if you’re just using to work backflip to bring in more readers, or if you literally can’t tell the obvious difference between the two.

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