Video Evidence of ‘Awesome August’ in Bariloche, Argentina

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We’ve got two videos here to help prove positive just how fun it was here in Bariloche, Argentina during the big 3 week powder cycle in August.

The first video is of a local named Merlin who’s very surfy snowboard style is fun to watch in the deep, dry snow of Awesome August.

In both videos, the are skiing much the same terrain and even playing with some of the same wind-spine features.

The second video is our friend Lucas Zelnick ripping that same deep August Argie snow, but on skis.  This short video is actually a teaser for the webisode project that Lucas is currently involved in.  Most of the rest of the webisodes will be coming out of France.

Bariloche had three straight weeks of powder skiing from August 4th – August 25th, 2013.  Since then there have been ups and downs, mini powder days and big rain storms.  We actually just survived a two-day rain storm that raised the enormous lake here by about 4 feet…

It’s been snowing to the bottom of the mountain for the past 24 hours so we’re hoping to find something good up there today.

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