VIDEO: Faceshots @ Squaw Valley on April 25th, 2014

SnowBrains |

Last Friday, Lake Tahoe received its inevitable annual late season powder storm.  We seem to get one of these every year and every year it seems like an impossibility.  Nevertheless, the temperatures in Tahoe plummet from the 70s into the 20s, the wind kicks up, and the flakes start falling.

Those flakes quickly added up to 16″ of new snow at Squaw Valley USA by the end of Friday, April 25th.  Skiing Squaw on Friday and having to endure the sound of “snow falling faintly through the universe” wasn’t such a bad thing.

In making this video, our friend Andrew made sure that we wouldn’t soon forget that sound.


16″ of April Powder @ Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows Today | Photo Tour:



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