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Backcountry skiing is getting more popular. There’s no hiding it and no way around it. You see it at the trailhead, and you see it on Instagram.

Many people think that the more people who introduce themselves to this dangerous, out-of-bounds art, the worse everyone’s experience will become. Several social media posts this season have shown backcountry users discouraging against sharing news or images of avalanches, backcountry lines, and tours, and so-called “secret” stashes or zones, purposed towards keeping backcountry skiing exclusive to the locals who “know.”

Ski boot company SCARPA has addressed this topic when they wrote:

“We must each do our part to make sure everyone is welcome and safe in the backcountry. We’ve spoken to a variety of individuals, who play different roles in backcountry recreation, to hear their advice on how we can make the mountains safer and more inclusive. When all feel welcomed and safe, it deepens the love for the backcountry and inspires them to want to protect it too. Watch this video to learn more on how to play a part in making the backcountry a welcoming place for all!” – SCARPA

Let’s make the backcountry welcome for all. 

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