VIDEO: Mountain Lion Stalks Man in Utah for 6-Minutes

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The truth is that this Mountain Lion was defending her 4 cubs that the man had just walked by.

It was her job to make sure that he got far away from her cubs.

When he throws a rock at her, she disappears.

We know how well rock-throwing works on animals and it seems to be the only thing that scares off the stray dogs of South America when we are wandering around down there.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mountain Lion Stalks Man in Utah for 6-Minutes

  1. He was not being stalked , the female mountain lion was protecting her kits , mountain lions do not make all that noise when stalking prey , you as prey are completely unaware of a mountain lions presence until it attacks . They are extremely quiet and stealthy animals, in the wilderness you could be feet away from a mountain lion and not know how close it is to you .
    Get your facts straight before posting a story.

  2. What do the stray dogs of South America have to do with mountain lions ? Can a stray dog shred you apart like a pissed off mountain lion ? The disconnect from reality on snowbrains sometimes is amazing . I wasn’t aware that wolves were being reintroduced to truckee ? What does that have to do with mountain lions ?
    You have to know that there are mountain lions in the Tahoe basin , I personally have encountered a mountain lion on the 06 road west of Northstar .

  3. As animals become less afraid of humans they will start to consider them prey.
    Wait until the wolves are fully reintroduced introduced to the Truckee area and all the bay area weekend warriors start having encounters.

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