VIDEO: Pro Rock Climber 1st to Win “AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR”

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HISTORY. HAS. BEEN. MADE! Meet your first American Ninja Warrior!

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Monday, September 14, 2015

This is worth a look.  Professional rock climber Isaac Caldiero is the first person to ever complete the Mount Midoriyama American Ninja Warrior course.

This course is gnarly and no one has ever been able to complete it in 7 years of this television show America Ninja Warrior.

You’d have to be one strong mofo to get through this course.  It’s not hard to believe that only a pro rock climber could get through this course.

Oh, and he won $1 Million.  That’s a big payday for a dirtbag climber.  Congrats, Isaac.

Isaac Caldiero making the First ascent of a long standing project located at Moe’s Valley which is a contender for one of Utah’s hardest boulder problems.


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