[VIDEO] Skier Catches Terrifying Drop Into Massive Crevasse on Helmet Cam

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The skier sliding into the crevasse, snow tumbling down below. | Picture: Screenshot from Les Powtos Youtube video

One lucky skier caught the scary moment he dropped into a massive crevasse but managed to edge his skis into the wall and come to a halt on his helmet cam.

The French ski group Les Powtos shared the incredible footage from last year a couple of days ago on their social media channels. It shows one of their group members skiing down the La Grave glacier in France, when suddenly a crevasse appears and he drops into the deep nothingness. He manages to edge his skis into the walls of the crevasse and stops his fall. It is a narrow escape for this very experienced skier and he managed to climb out with the help of picks and ropes. The group shared his rescue in the comments of their Facebook post.

Lucky escape
The skier as he climbs back out off the crevasse, assisted by one of his mates, who secured him with ropes. | Picture: Screenshot from video shares by Les Powtos on Facebook

The group stated on their Facebook Page that they shared the video, because they want people to understand the inherent dangers of glacier skiing. The group is very familiar with the La Grave glacier, but in the heat of the moment, the skier saw the crevasse just a fraction of a second too late. He was lucky he managed to control his drop into the crevasse and come to a halt. Fortunately, the group were equipped with shovels, crampons, picks and ropes and were able to help their friend to climb out safely and secure.


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