[VIDEO] The FIFTY – Line 38/50 – A Return to the Steeps – The Sphinx, AK

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In 2019, The FIFTY sent it up to Alaska to attempt the modern classic, The Sphinx. But the puckering steeps, cruel exposure, and hardpack conditions sent the crew home with their tail between their legs and the line unfinished. Three years of watching the weather, conditions, and stability from thousands of miles away and a miraculous window beckons in April of 2022. A mad dash scramble the day after skiing Line 37 of The FIFTY leads to a strike mission to Cordova, AK, and the base of Points North Heli.

This line represents not only a monumental moment in the history of freeride skiing when it was first ridden in the late 90s but it’s a measuring stick for the progress of The FIFTY. Returning to its legendary steeps to climb again highlights just how far the project has come since its inception in 2019. Co-starring Nick Russell and Ed Shanley.

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