VIDEO: The Perfect Summer | Shredding Mt. Hood

SnowBrains |

Video and text courtesy of Red Bull Snow

Mt. Hood is THE place to go for spicy summer hot laps in North America.

Strap in and enjoy the absolute best from another insanely good summer on top of the volcano featuring the who is who of our North American squadron and beyond. Lean back and get psyched!

Featuring the talent of:

Maddie Mastro, Queralt Castellet, Cody LaPlante, Bobby Brown, Hunter Henderson, Mac Forehand, Torin Yater-Wallace, Birk Irving, Nick Goepper, Noah Bowman, Nico Porteous, Toby Miller, Brock Crouch, Jake Canter, Scotty James, Luke Winkelmann, Yuki Kadono.

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