VIDEO: Watch Josh Daiek Ski a Huge Eastern Sierra Line at Mock-Looney

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Tahoe local and friend of SnowBrains Josh Daiek tackled some serious projects this past winter. A lot of which, were in his own backyard in the Eastern Sierras of California. This video shows him skiing a massive chute somewhere in the Sierras with a bit of a funny entry to the line.

Daiek wrote in the video’s description: 

“This POV always makes me laugh a bit. I was so focused on my first and second turns that I didn’t give the drop in much thought. I rolled my skis toward the fall line as I dropped and instantly found myself getting pulled from my right arm, rotating back up the hill. Not a very ideal start to a line. Haha! Turns out my ski pole was wedged between two rocks atop of my line and I didn’t notice when I dropped in. Luckily my pole released and the rest of the line went according to plan. I’m constantly learning in the mountains. I laugh it off now as a joke, but it’s important to always pay attention and be alert out there. Don’t take anything for granted, this tiny error could have resulted much worse. Stay safe, have fun!”

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