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Get all your friends together, we’re gonna do this all in one take. video: Nuit de la Glisse


America is the land of the free, but in Europe you are free to fly your wingsuit over skiers. Who is more free? Who knows. But this is pretty much insane and a great way to get all the adrenaline junkies on the same page. Right around 1:40 one of the wingsuit pilots goes for, what I can only assume is the equivalent of a wingsuit hand drag! I think this is a first, definitely haven’t seen wingsuit flying over skiers and paragliders.

The Clip is from the film Imagine: Life Spent on the Edge by Nuit de la Glisse from 2013. And combines some pretty fantastic things; powder skiing, ski-paragliging, helicopters, and high-speed ground skimming wingsuit flying.

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