Wanna Improve Your Ski Technique? Watch This Video:

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Wanna get better at skiing?  Working on technique is everything.  Everyday is a good day to work on your technique, especially groomer days or when the snow isn’t great.  These days are the perfect days to get centered, flex those ankles/knees/hips, and keep your upper body quiet.

Paul Lorenz makes a living improving people’s technique and he’s SnowBrains ski technique guru.  This video displays some great examples of proper technique.  It’s worth watching this thing all the way through and then critiquing your technique against what you see in the video.  We know we could certainly get more forward and aggressive.

Everyone can use a little help with their form and watching this video is a great start.

The disco music makes watching kinda fun.

image:  paullorenzclinics.com
image: paullorenzclinics.com

Paul wrote a great article on Stance a month back.  It’s definitely helpful:

The Truth About Stance

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