Warren Miller 2013 Trailer: “Ticket to Ride” | An “Edgy” Film from Warren This Year?

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Wow, Warren has gotten edgy this year.  Well, I guess Warren isn’t involved whatsoever anymore, but regardless, this trailer is by far the edgiest anything we’ve ever seen released from Warren Miller.

The song choice is the most surprising.  The song has a distinctly ominous sound and even had the word “hell” in it.  And then there’s fire in the video right during the song’s climax.  Wow, Warren Miller Entertainment, getting hard core on us, eh?

Warren’s reputation perennially produced happy-go-lucky, goofy, fun ski films.  This year, it looks like they wanna be tough, cool, badass, and extreme.

The skiing, locations, and stories appear to be strong.  To be totally honest, we haven’t seen a Warren Miller movie in a while.  How have they been?  They’re almost always pretty good.  They might not capture the cutting edge, but they are certainly well put together.

It is very interesting that WME decided to go edgy this year.  We hope it works for ‘em, although we doubt that the movie is edgy at all.  Johnny Moseley isn’t going to narrate a 60 minute movie with edge.  You can get a feel for the old Warren Miller when the guy in the very end of the video dorkily asks for “two tickets to ride.”

This is the official trailer for Warren Miller’s 64th feature film, Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride highlights an exhilarating worldwide tour of exotic locations with the sport’s best skiers and snowboarders. – Warren Miller Entertainment

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