WATCH: Xavier De Le Rue Take Snowboarding as Steep as it Can Possibly Get

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This video is Xavier De Le Rue’s full part from the movie Nation.  Xavier is the best big mountain freerider on Earth and he does nothing but push it.  If you’ve made it this long pushing the boundaries in Chamonix you’ve gotta be damn good or damn lucky or both.  We think Xavier has got ’em both, for sure.

We kinda love that in French, Xavier’s last name means:  “From The Streets”.  Baller.

When you think of the gnarliest snowboarder on the planet, usually one name comes to mind. That name is Xavier De Le Rue. Xavier has done some of the craziest, and steepest lines in all of snowboarding, and this part from Nation is no exception. Hang onto your seat while watching this part, because it’s definitely intense! – Transworld Snowboarding

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