White Pass, WA Report: 29″ Day – The Official Dump of the Season

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Washington, white pass
Tom gets buried at White Pass, WA. Credit: Jeff Kraemer | Eclipse Films
This report and all photos courtesy of Jeff Kraemer of Eclipse Films

I was trekking out west and had hit some larger ski areas during the fantastic powder cycle of the last few weeks, but for a 3-day weekend, I knew there was only one place to go where every stone would be un-turned; White Pass in Washington.

It was a long way from where I was but knew it would be all-time. Strategy plays a huge role in modern-day skiing and one of those challenges is to lose the crowd.

Washington, white pass
Conditions were all-time! Credit: Jeff Kraemer | Eclipse Films

Here, my friend Pete makes his 2nd turn on a Saturday right under Great White.  Cheering was definitely happening from the lift!

Seconds later, Tom makes his entrance and is completely buried (1st image). This was a typical day here, not many folks are even on the lift at the time of the bell.

Washington, white pass
Stoke was high! Credit: Jeff Kraemer | Eclipse Films

Sometimes you just have to know where to go – and in the case of this weekend – smaller is usually better.

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