Winning VIDEO for Candide Thovex’s “One of Your Days” Contest is Wild…

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This edit is very cool and very creative.  We don’t love how Quiksilver says:

“Congratulations Carter. You took it out! And you’re still alive.” – Quiksilver

We can only imagine the risky maneuvers skiers were going for in the 550 videos submitted…

It appears this video was filmed at Lake Louise, Canada.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.47.28 PM


By Quiksilver

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we have ourselves a winner. With over 550 incredible entries from every snow filled corner of the globe, there could be only one.

After combining the votes of you; the public, Newschoolers and creator of One Of Those Days, Candide Thovex – Carter McMillan is the first official winner of the 2016 One Of Your Days competition.

“We had to pick a winner between the skiing and creativity. Everybody put in such a good effort and I’m amazed at the level of charging. Well done everyone! Congratulations Carter, see you in Verbier”

– Candide Thovex

Congratulations Carter. You took it out! And you’re still alive. What now? Get your passport ready, we are flying you to Verbier, Switzerland and putting you up for 5 days of hardcore skiing. Throw in a box of gear from Quiksilver Snow and Faction Ski’s and you just scored the snow trip of lifetime. Oh wait, did we mention you’ll be skiing a day with your personal tour guide, Candide Thovex! You earned it, now get ready to enjoy One of Your Days with Candide.

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