Winter Park, CO Partners with Patrón to Offer a Unique Customized Tequila

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winter park, colorado, tequila, the gondola
It makes me happy! Credit: Sky-Hi Daily News

Winter Park Resort, CO will open for the season today keen to show off the $28-million worth of improvements that have been taking place throughout the summer. Improved snowmaking means they’ll have twice as many trails and lifts open as last year (and the early season snow won’t have harmed either), the plaza in the village has been totally remodeled, and although the new gondola won’t be open until mid-December, the ongoing construction work is there for all to see.

And there is something else to help celebrate this season; a new, exclusive tequila commemorating ‘The Gondola’.

In a partnership with tequila maker Patrón, the resort will offer a limited-time, one-of-a-kind reposado tequila made specifically to celebrate the Gondola, which the resort will call the 10,700 tequila after the elevation of The Gondola.

“It’s something they were looking to do to enhance our partnership with Patrón, as well as come up with something that is cool for people to experience at the resort and that’s unique to us,” said the resort’s director of public relations and communications Steve Hurlbert.

The resort received a barrel of reposado tequila from the partnership, which produces about 150 to 180 bottles. It will be available starting mid-December in drink or shot form at any of the resort’s bars or alcohol-serving restaurants, such as the Sunspot Lounge, Club Car, Derailer or Mary Jane. Each bottle and the barrel head will be branded with “The Gondola Elev. 10,700 Winter Park Resort 2018.”

winter park, colorado, tequila, the gondola
The Gondola. Credit: Winter Park Facebook

Winter Park Resort is the only ski resort with a customized Patrón tequila. While the resort is still working on pricing and deals, Executive Chef Abby Gallagher said it would be a unique experience for guests.

“In terms of the mountain, this is going to be neat,” Gallagher said. “It smells and tastes so good.”

Working with a Patrón representative, the resort customized their tequila by choosing the production method, the barrel material and the aging length. The resort has been in partnership with Patrón since November 2017.

Winter Park Resort is just one of 37 iconic destinations available on the Ikon Pass.

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