“Nonsense Rule” — Women’s Beach Handball Team Fined For Not Wearing Bikinis

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beach handball team
Beach handball players must wear bikini bottoms according to official rules. Credit: Instagram

The Norwegian Women’s Beach Handball Team has been fined for wearing shorts instead of the regulation bikini bottoms during a match over the weekend. The fine of 1500 euros (about $1750) was issued by the European Handball Federation who described the team’s clothing as “improper”.

This has sparked a great deal of media attention regarding double standards in the sport. While male beach handball players are allowed to sport tank tops and shorts as long as 4 inches above the knee, women are required to wear revealing tops and bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg”. These regulations are from the International Handball Federation rulebook, but the reason for these dress code requirements is unclear.

beach handball team
The Norwegian beach handball men’s and women’s teams. Credit: Instagram

Kare Geir Lio, head of the Norwegian Handball Federation, said they will be covering the fine for the players. “Women should have the right to have a uniform they think is suitable for performing in their sport,” he told the New York Times.

The Norwegian women knew they were defying the regulations as they donned their spandex shorts before their bronze medal match against Spain, but they went for it anyway. They later said they were “proud about making a statement”, despite not winning the game.

“We are very proud about making a statement in the bronze final by playing in shorts instead of required bikini bottoms! We are overwhelmed by the attention and support from all over the world!” the team posted on their social media. “We really hope this will result in a change of this nonsense rule!”

beach handball woman
Norway’s Marielle Mathisen was one of the players protesting the uniform rule. Credit: Instagram

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  1. This sport is not going to be as fun to watch when the T’s start competing against the women.

    1. Once they got into the local bars and libraries, things got way more fun. Just sayin’.

    2. Homeboy’s afraid he’s gonna “like” someone post transition and have to confront uncomfortable realities about himself lol

      1. No more just concerned about the protection of women’s sports which provided title 9 scholarships to my sisters to go to college.

        Not looking forward to a handful of self centered Gen Z’s / California crybabies ruining long standing institutions because they don’t get enough facetime with a therapist.

        I don’t have any problems with T’s. Live and let live. Don’t go screwing up other people’s lives and opportunities because you have deep down feelings you need to work out on your own.

        1. lol Damn dude. You think transgender people exist because of a location or generation? They’ve always existed, but only now are they empowered to come out because people like you have called the shots and made them feel less than human. If your sister’s scholarship is revoked because of transgender athletes, I’ll eat my hat.

          1. My sisters are done with school and in the clear. My point is, one day a young woman will loose her scholarship to a transgender. Look forward to you eating your hat.

            The whole point is the think ahead about the unintended consequences of this powderpuff utopia you all desire.

            Life’s tough. The world is real. Why are you all so soft and worried about everyone’s feelings?

        2. This article is about women getting fined for some absurd clothing rule, yet it always comes back to Transgender people for you. What’s the deal? Find a hobby bro, no one is hurting you.

          1. I have many hobbies, wakeboard boat, dirt bikes, mtn bikes, sleds, BC skiing, hunting, hiking, drinking, partying, and making money. Provoking thought during my downtown at work is how I relax. I’m an odd duck.

            Hope you enjoy the discussions.

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