“Wyoming Triumph” = 26-Minutes of Quality Big Mountain Skiing

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This movie will make you wanna move to Jackson Hole.  In 26 minutes this video delivers the flavor, culture, powder, and big mountains of Wyoming in a way that hasn’t been done yet.

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The video is very well produced and has some big sponsors.  This group of guys and gals spends 2012/13 charging all over Wyoming’s multiple mountain ranges in search of pow, pics, and footage.  The do a good job of it and they make it all look fun and happy.

Make sure not to miss the 100-foot backflip to face-plant at 20:00.  Dude has balls.

We’re ready for winter in Wyoming.  Are you?

Video by KGB Productions.

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  1. “As regulations grow freedom dies”

    Never been out west skiing yet and eager to go…call me stupid but I don’t think this intelligent liberal is bringing his dollars to DICK Cheneyland.

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