24.5 Trillion Gallons of Water Fell on California in the Last 16-Days

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Credit: NOAA

24,500,000,000,000 gallons of water. 24.5-trillion. That’s how much liquid fell on California in the last 16 days.

That’s enough to cover a flat surface the size of California in over six inches of water.

Since December 26th, seven atmospheric rivers have dropped up to 30 inches of rain over some areas, reports Reuters.

Cities have flooded, towns have been evacuated, homes are without power, and sadly people have died.

Credit: NOAA

Many areas broke long-standing rainfall records. Oakland, Stockton, and SFO International Airport all broke 16-day records.

The Sierra Nevada is leading the world in snowfall and is on pace for the snowiest winter ever recorded.

Ski areas got dumped on. Mammoth has already received more snow than last season, and Mammoth and Palisades Tahoe have received over eight feet of snow since January 1st.

Is 24.5 trillion gallons enough for drought relief?

Credit: Reddit

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  1. Like youre the smartest person on the planet. Pretty lame comments you always make and I’m sure I can outski and out rock climb you any day btw.

  2. “California will never get any moisture and be in perpetual drought because of Global warming and a 3 year below average trend.” – Typical Brainwashed Californian

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