47-Year Old Doctor Faces Jail for Repeatedly Punching and Stabbing a 12-Year Old Child With a Ski Pole

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ski rage, attack, stabbing, punching, child, assault
Samuel Caruthers, now 47, accused of a ski rage attack. Credit: Facebook

A 47-year old doctor faces up to 7-years in jail after he punched a 12-year-old boy in a ‘ski rage’ attack at the Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon. The 12-year-old boy fell into him and his 10-year-old son on a beginners slope at the northern New Jersey resort.

Samuel Caruthers was accused of punching the boy multiple times and stabbing him with a ski pole, leaving him with a rib contusion and a busted lip on February 14, 2016, after the child fell into Caruthers and his son while snowboarding on the bunny slope.

ski rage, attack, stabbing, punching, child, assault
Mountain Creek Resort, NJ. Credit: Facebook

During the trial, Caruthers said that he thought the 12-year-old victim was an adult, based on his height of five-foot-seven-inches and the fact that he had a mustache. He added the child was wearing bulky clothes and goggles, which Caruthers said further disguised the child’s true age.

Caruthers was found guilty of child endangerment, assault, and a weapons charge last Wednesday. A Sussex County jury acquitted Caruthers of two weapons charges while handing down the other guilty verdicts. He faces up to seven years in prison, which is set to be determined at a sentencing hearing next month.

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