Aspen Resident Walks in to Police Station to Claim his Lost Wallet that Contained a Bag of Cocaine

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aspen, cocaine, colorado
For the best white powder, definitely head to Aspen, CO. Credit: Aspen

Aspen resident James H. Graham, 23, must’ve still been high when he voluntarily entered a police station to retrieve his lost wallet, that also happened to contain 5g of cocaine. He was arrested on the spot, jailed, then released from Pitkin County Jail after posting $2,500 bond. He now faces one count of possession of cocaine, a Class 4 drug felony, reports the Aspen Daily News.

Upon attempting to retrieve his wallet, police officers told him they wished to discuss his wallet with him, to which he replied:

“Graham voluntarily stated, ‘I bet I know what you want to talk to me about.’ Sgt. Fabrocini said, ‘What?’ and Graham responded, ‘The drugs in my wallet,’” the report says.

aspen, cocaine, colorado
Aspen, CO-caine.

According to the arrest affidavit, officer Marcin Debski went to a grocery store at 2:45 pm Thursday after receiving a report of a wallet that contained drugs. Debski took the wallet back to APD headquarters and passed it along to Sgt. Rob Fabrocini, who asked another officer to test the “white powdery substance” that was visible inside a small plastic bag. The substance “tested presumptively positive for cocaine,” the affidavit says. Together, the bag and the drug reportedly weighed 5.1 grams.

Officers who ‘tested’ the white powder said it “tested presumptively positive for cocaine,”

Later in the afternoon, Graham went to the police station to retrieve the wallet. The report adds that Graham was cooperative and admitted that he knew the drugs consisted of cocaine. However, he “refused to tell us who or where he got the drugs from,” Fabrocini’s affidavit concludes.

Under Colorado law, a Class 4 drug felony involving cocaine is considered simple possession, punishable by up to 1 year in jail along with a wide-ranging fine.

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