Big Sky Resort, MT, Announces New Base-to-Summit Lift System and On-Mountain Dining

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In the final phase of Big Sky 2025, Big Sky Resort, MT, will transform the winter and summer experience on the resort’s centerpiece, the iconic Lone Mountain.

The marquee projects in this transformation will be a base-to-summit lift network with world-class, on-mountain food and beverage additions, and a summit experience worthy of Europe’s highest peaks.

big sky resort, Montana, tram, 2025
2025 map. Credit: Big Sky Resort

Key elements of the multi-year effort will start with a new tram to an enhanced Lone Mountain summit experience, connected to the base by a two-stage gondola with two mid-mountain food and beverage complexes and offering four seasons of adventures. The beginner Mountain Sports experience will be elevated with the creation of an on-mountain teaching center and the comfort of large glass-enclosed gondola cabins to transport guests up the mountain.

“The new lift system from the base area to the summit of Lone Peak will revolutionize the way we access ‘America’s Matterhorn’ in both winter and summer. In creating this must-do experience accessible to all, we will offer the premier high-alpine experience on Montana’s highest scenic overlook. While offering this incredible new lift access on Lone Peak, we will continue to preserve the core ski experience off the summit by managing the number of skiers every hour based on current conditions.”

– Taylor Middleton, president and COO, Big Sky Resort

big sky resort, Montana, tram, 2025
Tram cars. Credit: Big Sky Resort

“We couldn’t think of a more significant and emblematic series of initiatives to close out the transformation we’re accomplishing with the Big Sky 2025 vision. Coupling a truly world-class tram experience with the most architecturally thoughtful on-mountain food and beverage and Mountain Sports facilities will set a new standard for mountain communities in North America. This innovative project will kick off an exciting new chapter in transforming the future of tourism in Big Sky and across southwest Montana, and sets the stage for planning Big Sky’s next steps.”

– Stephen Kircher, CEO and president, Boyne Resorts

Future projects that will finish out the Big Sky 2025 vision will be showcased at

big sky resort, Montana, tram, 2025
Tram top terminal. Credit: Big Sky Resort
Tram. Credit: Big Sky Resort

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6 thoughts on “Big Sky Resort, MT, Announces New Base-to-Summit Lift System and On-Mountain Dining

  1. I’ve been to Big Sky 4 times for week-long trips over the last 10 years. Never been on the Tram. Most days I have been there it is closed to weather or maintenance holds, with only brief windows where it opens, and by then the line is already 30-40 minutes minimum, or more. Total vaporware, so I don’t even count on riding it anymore. Don’t be fooled, you shouldn’t count on it either. They really need two access terminals, or install lift towers up Liberty Bowl and put in a real gondola so that people can actually count on a chance go up there.

  2. Big Sky has a few flaws but the limited capacity to Lone Peak is the worst of them. In 2001, 2006 and 2013 I was able to get in some days with 2 or 3 tram runs, waiting up to half an hour. Upon reading that last season the lines grew to 2-3 hours, I decided I would never set foot on the place again until the problem was fixed. So I say at least this is being recognized and by 2025 hopefully Big Sky will be once again worth visiting for advanced skiers.

  3. Lol Everyone talking shit on Big Sky and Howard is like “it is NOT in the middle of nowhere!” but the rest is true. 100% Big Sky is gonna be home of the first $300 day ticket

  4. I dont think anyone is jealous of Big Sky these days. No snow, overrun by development and in the middle of nowhere.

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