Legendary KT-22 at Palisades Tahoe, CA, Is Now Closed for the Season

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The Palisades Tahoe Mountain Ops team tweeted yesterday that the KT-22 chairlift is now closed for the season. The Spring Skiing Capital reported last week that from April 3rd they would make the call on KT-22 a day at a time.

According to the VP of Mountain Ops, it’s not the runs, it’s the ramps. Maintaining ramps, especially on ridgelines, is getting harder as the snow melts out.

For those still wishing to hit the terrain offered by KT-22, hiking access will continue for both KT-22 and Headwall.

The iconic chairlift opened for the season on 21st December 2021. A skier once told me, “If there was only one lift you could ride for the rest of your life, that would be KT.”

Key Dates

  • Please note that the dates here are largely estimates. We cannot say for certain when snowmelt might get to be too great for certain areas, and our goal is to run as much as possible for as long as possible.
  • Red Dog and Resort Chair are expected to last through April 10th, weather & conditions permitting. You might want to come out before then and say goodbye to the Red Dog chair: It is getting replaced with a high-speed six-pack for next season! We’ll have more updates on that for you starting next month, and we’ll be dedicating blogs to the build process so you can follow along with both the Red Dog rehaul and the Gondola project.
  • Our goal is to keep Mountain Run open through April 10th. Siberia should be able to stay open through April 17th. Beyond April 17th, we will continue to run Shirley and Gold Coast, and any other upper mountain lifts that the snowpack allows.
  • At Alpine, Treeline Cirque, Roundhouse, and Summit are expected to make it to mid-April. We are targeting the 17th as the closing date for these lifts. Other lifts at Alpine will likely close before 4/17.
    We expect to be able to stay open for skiing & snowboarding in some capacity through May 1st. We will close after that until summer operations begin on June 18th.
  • At Palisades, our North-facing mid-mountain study plot had about a 90-inch base as of Thursday, 3/31. We are losing roughly 2 inches per day from this plot in current temperatures.
  • This weekend at Alpine, Summit, Alpine Bowl Chair, Roundhouse, Treeline Cirque, Yellow, Meadow, and the Big Carpet will run. Kangaroo will be open on Friday and Sunday but will have impacts from Ski Team events all weekend. Yellow will also have Ski Team training Friday-Sunday. On Saturday, the Big Mountain Alpine Cup will take place in West Palisade as well.
  • There will be Ski Team events going on at Palisades over the next 10 days. Siberia will be the venue for these races Friday – Monday, and possibly throughout next week depending on conditions. We are starting these events early and aiming to have them be 1/2 days only to keep skiers off the hill during the warmest times of day in an effort to preserve snow.

Events & Venues

  • Cushing Crossing is scheduled for Saturday, April 16th! Delayed by more than two years, the 30th annual pond skim event will finally return. To highlight the excitement we all feel about this, Cushing Crossing will be followed by the free Spring Tracks concert, which will feature a set from both G. Love and DJ Logic. This date is sure to be action-packed and fun-filled. You won’t want to miss the wild costumes, the wipe-outs, or the live beats.
  • Snow Golf at Alpine is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th. The whole weekend will be “Caddy Shack” themed, so don’t forget to wear khakis and plaid on the 9th and 10th!
  • Plaza Bar will close after Sunday, April 3rd. Ikon Thursday happy hour will move to KT Base Bar with $5 Beer specials for the rest of the season.
  • The Chalet at Alpine’s last day of operations will be next Sunday, April 11th.

Other General Updates

  • Spring access for 2022-23 Ikon Pass holders begins on Sunday, April 11th.
  • The annual spring Demo sale has started! You must visit us on-site to see what skis & snowboards are available for sale. We will not take orders over the phone.

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2 thoughts on “Legendary KT-22 at Palisades Tahoe, CA, Is Now Closed for the Season

  1. BS Jimmy King-a-ling mtn mgr for Sq##w told some skiers yesterday that it was due to inability to get snomobiles and other equipment up to the top of KT22 in case of mechanical issues. So who you gonna believe bs marketing peeps or actual skiers on the mtn?
    And High Camp is totally in neglect why? oh right too much money already made on pass sales this last year but gotta spend on andy wirthless b2b gondola that access no new terrain.
    sheesh just sheesh

  2. Hey Palisades Tahoe! Are you going to open the High Camp Lagoon? I’d book a stay in North Tahoe if my family could sit by the pool after skiing and enjoy a swim. Seems like a waste to have complex on the mountain and not use it??? At least let the public know what’s going on or make up and excuse like “The pool has cracked due to poor construction and it’s leaking into the restaurant & bar below.” Is that the truth?

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